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Experience The Difference Of Pure Business Integration

Experience The Difference Of Pure Business Integration


Dominion Home Insulation
We chose Pure Data Flow for our company platform because we needed to launch our Australian project very quickly and would not settle for an out-of-the-box solution. Pure Data Flow allowed us to scale our operations to over 100 completed jobs per day within 4 months of startup. As expected when starting up a business processes were constantly changing and the Pure Data Flow team was able to automate these processes real time.

The Pure Data Flow platform allows for a paperless customer acquisition process by using the CRM and voice recording features. Plus, our delivery fleet schedule is optimized every evening based on geo coding proximity to allow for minimal driving distance and maximum asset and fuel savings.

Pure Data Flows OCR image recognition technology for high speed scanning allows our administration team to scan and append the 100 finished work orders into each customers profile within seconds which then triggers customer invoicing and payroll.

Pure Data Flow allows our senior managers to focus on building our business since each step of our process is electronically automated.

Green Home Green Planet
Our company mission is, helping homeowners in reducing their carbon footprint, one green home at a time. Pure Data Flow has been the most important component in achieving our goals.

Our head office receives a high amount of inbound call traffic from customers requesting for a rep to visit their home. Our call center inputs the customer info and assigns the appointment to one of our reps. Pure Data Flow emails new appointment notifications to our reps and automatically syncs their Pure Data Flow calendar to their blackberry or mobile device. If for any reason an appointment changes, Pure Data Flow sends a cancellation email and automatically removed the appointment from the reps blackberry or mobile device. Our reps can also upload pictures, documents and data to each customers profile within seconds. The ability for our reps to be consistently organized is priceless.

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