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Experience The Difference Of Pure Business Integration

Experience The Difference Of Pure Business Integration


Contact Management

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  • Internal email, chat, address book and appointment calendar.
  • Employee calendar availability, including the ability to book off vacation days and display holidays.
  • Full appointment management with Blackberry/mobile integration.
  • Interactive SMS notifications to remind customers of scheduled appointments. Sent/Received messages are appended to each customer's profile.
  • Customer support system.

Business Management

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  • Unique CRM System (Customer Relationship Management).
  • Project management system with the ability to assign multiple users the same task, with all document changes logged.
  • Full electronic quoting system to create and print quotes based on product inventory and services provided. Quotes are printed using company letterhead or pre-existing quote format.

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  • Data storage capabilities for customer audio recordings, pictures, documents, etc.
  • Inventory Management and Tracking.
  • Ability for multiple companies using Pure Data Flow to integrate with each other's databases.
  • Customizable reports and statistics (i.e. sales, conversions, user activity, demographics).
  • Manage receivables and customer payments.
  • Customer invoicing system with options to send electronically, print direct or export to mail merge applications.
  • Collect payments from customers by credit card, invoice or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).
  • Printable pick/inventory list for shipping/vehicles, travelling directions based on most optimal route and fully populated forms/invoices that may require customer signatures.
  • OCR technology for image recognition on high speed document imaging.
  • Quality assurance reporting and management.

Payroll Management

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  • Payroll with full integration to Simply Accounting and other platforms.
  • Commission grid structure with multiple commission levels which can be set globally, per product, per sales group, etc.
  • Ability to create payroll deductions/adjustments/payments and advances based on manual input or specific triggers (i.e. automatic 50% advance on sale, automatic 50% final on delivery).
  • Electronic payroll reporting so all employees can login and view past pay periods and upcoming pay cheques.
  • Full cheque registry system.
  • Ability to connect with direct deposit systems and payment gateways.

Fleet/GPS Management

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  • Monitor all vehicle locations in real-time through GPS via an interactive map.
  • Alerts when vehicles arrive at customer's location or if running behind schedule.
  • Filter by region, specific vehicles and assets.
  • Status updates from vehicle via Blackberry or mobile devices (i.e. customer not home, service not needed, etc).
  • Dispatch customer/job location information in real-time from the system to the vehicle's on-board GPS dash unit.
  • Automated fleet scheduling including optimization based on proximity and geo-location.
  • Email notification of speeding vehicles, not on route, engine warnings, failure to wear seatbelt, smoking in cabin, etc.
  • Automated vehicle maintenance scheduling based on GPS distance driven (i.e. oil changes, tire rotation, etc).

Marketing Management

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  • Outbound call centre management, including national phone databases scrubbed against Do Not Call lists.
  • Full call log reporting to display how many calls were made, numbers not in service, customers not interested, no answer, follow-ups set, conversions, etc.
  • Email Marketing capabilities, including full viewed/opened email, conversion and click-thru logging.

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  • Detailed graphic statistics on opened emails, countries viewed, click-thru and conversions.
  • Send to multiple email lists and create/use different newsletter templates (plain text or HTML).
  • Import email lists directly from various programs including excel.
  • Easily add subscription signup forms to websites using an automated creation tool.
  • Connect to Ecommerce websites to track conversion rates on sales generated from marketing campaigns.
  • Built in Blog with automatic RSS Feed.

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